Sunday, June 18, 2006

What's new with the misses

Summer is here, and Miss Angela and Miss Tamara are busy in their various activities! We don't mean to ignore you, Clooney fans...

What's new with us, well let's see. I might let Angela update you on her life over in Germany but these days it is full, as always, with angels and flowers, wine and work. Lots of work.

And for Tamara...that's me...LOTS is happening. For the past two weeks I have been working on a contract with a new television series in production! I am very challenged by this work, and it has re-awakened the love of production I had sort of forgotten about.

The fog that had fully wrapped itself around me, that represented my confusion about my career, questions about which way I was supposed to be going and what I was supposed to be doing, is starting to lift.

In terms of the Clooney Collection, we're the little train that is chugging along. We have NOT stopped in our push to get Mr. Clooney elected next time round but oh yeah, there's that whole thing of getting him to run! Riiiiight.

Well, maybe if he sees enough tees asking him to, he'll consider it? Our friends over at Taff, a German morning show, are helping us get the word out here.

Our sales are steady and are still from all over the place...many are from Europe - good work, people!

Hope the season is treating all of you well and that you're happy and healthy. Keep up the fight, people. And Clooney for President!


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