Sunday, May 07, 2006

Showing it.. Like it is!

Alright people, you keep surprising us. Again and again and again!

Just to give you a summary of the past weeks, and some amazing media attention...

We're really surprised with the response of the "countries"

The Countries...

1st Place... USA

2nd Place... Germany

3rd Place... Italy

4th Place... Canada

5th Place... Switzerland

6th Place... England

7th Place... Norway

8th Place... New Zealand

9th Place... Holland

10th Place... Austria

11th Place and thereafter... France, Denmark, Spain, Japan, Sweden [of course, in no particular order! So here's our call out to you to put up your country on our "mission"!

The Shirts...

1st Place...

2nd Place...

3rd Place...

4th Place...

5th Place...

And other little interesting facts...

Canada and America's favourite "quote" is "By George!, Clooney for President"

Europe's strongest "quote" is "GEORGE CLOONEY FOR PRESIDENT!"

And Germany itself takes first place for "Keep the George, Lose the Bush!"

The most men's styles shirts have also gone to Germany.


Hope it's a fabulous start to a fabulous new year for you!

We're a day late in sending our Birthday Wishes...

Tamara is away on a media tour and wine tasting weekend,

Angela was away photographing a wedding yesterday...

But we just wanted to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. CLOONEY!!!

[Hey, didn't a once most beautiful and voluptious woman named Marilyn sing the most amazing version of that song to a man they once called Mr. President?]


Miss Angela & Miss Tamara!