Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Oh, you people are really always good for a surprise.

And that we like!

Towards the end of the week, we'll have to give you yet another update with the Top 5 list. However, it's almost hard to say which shirts are the clear favourites, as we have serious tie breakers happening for fourth and fifth place.

And suddenly, Germany seems to be ordering the men's shirts with a craze!

Yes, leaves us absolutely smitten!

But it's so unbelieveable seeing the shirts and styles that find their way to the USA and Canada, and the shirts and styles that find their way to Europe.

The North American favourites are by far the By George! Clooney for President shirts and with print in pink. The European favourites are by far the George Clooney for President shirts, and with gold or silver glitter!

We were starting to wonder however, because for a while, it seemed like the only shirts [and undies] going to Europe were the Keep the George, Lose the Bush! styles. Those are still going strong, however the global statement seems to be getting stronger as well.

Tamara and myself have come to the conclusion... A shirt can speak a thousand languages!

There definitely seems to be a message taking place. And most loudly, that message translates to saying, times have got to change!


Miss Angela


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