Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday, Monday

"So good to me..."

A little Mamas and Papas reference for ya there...

Yep, it's the start of another week and we here at are busy as ever, marketing, selling, contacting, talking. All the good stuff you want to do when you have a new business venture.

Man are we excited! Like Sally Fields accepting her Academy Award, we stand before you, tears streaming down our face, makeup smearing, sobbing, "You like us, you really like us!!"

The media coverage has continued, though we have been too busy to update that section of the web site. We really like this one, from Life & Style Weekly:

What's possibly even more cool is that my boyfriend overheard two women talking about Clooney and the Clooney Collection at a popular magazine store in San Francisco over the weekend. He glanced over and saw that they were looking at this great mention in Life & Style. We LOVE stuff like this!! Recognition! People getting it! Spreading the word! Oh yes.

Another thing we're thrilled about is that the men's CC tees are selling well too.

What woman wouldn't want to see this on her man?

Another great hit we are absolutely thrilled about is on the cooler-than-cool designspotter web site!




Yup, Monday Monday. So good to me...

Miss Tamara


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