Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Media HITS it

After Lainey's nod in her newsletter last night, I just woke up to find that The Bosh mentioned the Clooney Collection as well! I'm going through our web statistics right now and the hits are for the most part half and half from either of the two.

Sweet Johneen over at GKFA has also featured our bit about our line in her Taste and Style section. She's a fellow Canadian from Halifax, Nova Scotia so we are very very pleased to have another Canuck nod.

And I just heard from the editor over at the fashion goddesses shefinds.com and now they're covering it as well! They're writing a piece about how our man George donated his Oscar swag with the proceeds going to charity. What a class act, that guy. I mean really, how many more diamond encrusted cell phones (or whatever ridiculously expensive gifts they were giving away) does a person need?

Speaking of charity, please check out one.org, linked here or below. That's the charity we've decided to give 1% to from sales of the Clooney Collection. It's a charity George supports, and it's one we think does work that needs to be done.

I have other favourite charities as well, and commit funds to them whenever I can, so 1% is certainly not all we'll be giving away.

I'll report back later about other media hits - woo!

Miss Tamara

Clooney Studio has just picked up the Clooney Collection story!

They say..."Thanks to Tamara Nowakowsky for writing about her website, mistersandmisses.com. Selling "the Clooney collection", clothing featuring such cute slogans as "keep the George, lose the Bush" it promises to donate 1% of all sales to the ONE campaign, whilst promoting George Clooney for president.""

Thanks for that mention! My partner in crime (errr, business) is Angela but she's been quiet so far...she's going to comment or post soon, I just know it. Ah...Ang?

Just got an e-mail from a writer with Splash News - sent her images and phoned her. She's going to write a feature! She said that their stories are picked up by agencies and publications around the world. Wow. I am liking this. When we were speaking she said that she read about the line on Us Weekly. So of course I toddled over there, and it seems they're making fun of me and the line! Sort of, anyway...

They do paint me out to be a rabid Clooney fan. Well, I'm a Clooney fan all right but not so much on the rabid side. Ya gotta make media releases that catch attention though, and ours did. Besides, I stand by every word I said. And the fact that I have a sweet boyfriend too, so I'm not on the Clooney hunt...

Check out the US Weekly piece!

By the way, their angle is that Clooney is being set up for a fall from grace. Agree or disagree? You can comment on their blog - please do!


Blogger decor8 said...

I linked over from GKFA - great article! Love the panties... :)


12:05 PM  
Blogger angela said...

oh hello my partner in crime.

of course i've come by to say hello.

to you. to george. and to all of those that have so far wonderfully supported the mission.

absolutely fabulous my dear!

miss angela

2:09 PM  
Blogger susan said...

This is all to wonderful for words!
ok I will make an exception here...here are some words! I sent this to my extended gallery e list and heard back from some that it was the best idea for washington in SOME TIME!
I agree and wish you gals the best of luck! You have my solid vote!

12:48 PM  

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