Friday, March 24, 2006

The Map of Things...

Is it Friday already?

I really can't believe how quickly this week has already passed, and then to think that it was just Tuesday when this project launched and introduced itself.

An idea. And a mission.

Or maybe it's the admiration and respect for Mr. Clooney himself that inspired this all.

I've been having fun following a "map" of all the places that the shirts have travelled to, or will be travelling to shortly.

It's a habit that I have, even with my other company. For some reason, I find the intrigue in the thought, thinking that products I have created [or designed, concepted, brought to life?] find themselves in places far away. That is definitely what reaching out is all about. The internet lets us already reach out to a map with no boundaries, but this is the way I like seeing it...

An idea starts between two friends. Both from Canada, however the one [Miss Tamara] currently living in Vancouver, the other [Miss Angela] in Germany. And yes, we have plans to meet for tea on the Seine in Paris this summer, but I digress...

We reckoned this idea was primarily going to be a "North American" attraction, and how wrong we are. The orders are coming in from yes, the US and from Canada, but I think it says a lot about "current affairs" and Mr. George Clooney himself, that orders are coming in from Norway, Germany [but of course!], New Zealand, Holland, Australia, Ireland and England too.

And that my dears, is a pretty amazing thing!

As a designer and photographer, I'm a very visual person. So I reckon I'm going to have to make myself a map on the wall and playfully trace the travels that this project takes.

Let's find the messages everywhere... on the streets of Copenhagen or Chicago, Toronto to Torino, Los Angeles to New York and all the wonderful places in between.

Fancy putting yourself on our map too?

Tamara and I have been having great fun in the past week, and the weeks prior to us launching... and now we're hoping you have just as much fun, and especially fun while wearing your new Tee-Shirts.

Spread the word you lovely things! It does make a difference... and together we can create a voice!


Miss Angela


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