Friday, March 24, 2006

Late night thoughts

As more attention is directed towards us for our little venture and we sort of try to inch ourselves out of the glare of the spotlight, I find myself thinking about what it must be like to be a big-time celeb whose every move is dissected. The only real conclusion I have come to is I wouldn't want it for a minute. I've hosted television and radio shows, but they were always pretty small, and offered a manageable level of public attention. As much as I'd love to get back into TV, I'm not sure I'd answer the door if the big time came calling.

I once saw an interview with George Clooney where he talked about making the distinction between members of the media who report the news, versus those who make the news. He said (I'm paraphrasing) that he has time for those whose role it was to report on events of the world and keep citizens as informed as possible. He has no time, and considerable (and understandable) disdain for those who cause problems and events to occur that unrealistically shape the way a person looks, and take advantage of the situation to misreport what is more salacious than factual. I have always prided myself on being one of the former...but I suppose in this venture I am now one of the latter.

I have to reconcile this as I know that we both, Angela and I, have not undertaken, or taken, this little venture lightly. I mean sure, it is a matter of, "Hey, wouldn't this be funny?" but there's also a dead serious side to what we are proposing.

The thing is...we mean what we are saying.

It's not such a far-fetched idea...George Clooney for President. People are smiling and chuckling at the messages on the t-shirts but it really could happen. We think the world would be a better, and safer, place for it.

Granted, being the President of the United States is not all about charisma and eyes that wrinkle and twinkle when you smile. Many women love George Clooney because he is handsome, and because he has a deep, buttery voice. Mmm hmm. That's a given...but that's not all our pal George has to offer, either.

We actually go a step further. A handsome President of the USA would be nice but more importantly, a truly intelligent, involved and caring one is essential at this point.

Say what you will about salt and pepper hair and twinkling eyes, but this man's mind is what makes us hot. We admire his intelligence and understanding of politics and affairs both at home and globally, and his willingness to get involved and speak up about how he feels his country is doing.

Does it matter than a person has spent his life in front of the cameras, and not in law school or working his way up through municipal and state politics in the race to the Presidency? I'm not so sure about that. You can have men and women who were practically born in the Oval Office, and they're still incredibly ill-equipped to handle the awesome responsibility that comes with working in that same space.

Miss Tamara


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