Friday, March 31, 2006

interesting little facts...


As much as I'm a creative person, I'm almost a contradiction of myself, because I'm also a statistics person. I love facts, numbers, and seeing patterns.

I can't help myself. [that of course, said with a nasty grin on my face...]

But, I just reckoned I'd give you a few of the interesting little facts happening here in the world of Misters & Misses.

The Top 3 Countries now wearing The Clooney Collection

1. USA
2. Canada
3. Germany

[however, it's a run for the money between Canada & Germany!]

The Top 5

Germany's Absolute Favourite
[simply found this rather interesting...]


Anonymous Sweet T said...

Knowing what the Germans are like, it's really not that surprising! They are quite naughty at heart ;-)

6:16 AM  

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