Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Day two and counting

Day two of Clooney madness is drawing to a close. It's certainly been an interesting one.

In terms of attention from the public and media, today Too Stylish talked about what we're doing, but we're just not sure what it says. Here's a sample: "Misters and Misses is een Canadees bedrijf dat wordt gerund door twee jonge, creatieve meiden Angela en Tamara. De 'Clooney Collection' is één van hun eerste projecten die ze vanwege twee aannemelijke redenen op hebben gestart. In de eerste plaats zijn ze er beiden over eens dat George een geweldige man is."

If anyone knows what that says - translation please! also mentioned the Collection, as did the Shirt Snob (though that link isn't working for me right now) and also Democratic Underground.

Ang and I have also been watching the web hits and the orders come in, and it's so interesting to see where folks are coming from. All over the world, really...hi y'all...

Right now we're wondering how we can capitalize on this attention and traffic. We've got plenty of other ideas, so please don't forget about our lovelies in the tittenmops and fabulass collections...we'll be doing an official launch and release about those in the coming weeks but you could be one of the first to have a piece of this goodness.


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