Monday, March 20, 2006

And they're off...

Lainey wore our "By George! Clooney for President" tee on her hit on E-Talk Daily tonight! You can see it here under gossip.

Waiting for the first glimpse of a product that you've put work into is perhaps a little like waiting for a baby. The fact is, the gestation period for this new line of ours was nowhere near that of a real baby, but like giving birth to anything new - we have put great thought, effort, and hopes into our planning. We hope that the Clooney Collection will make people smile, and that it will also make people think. We're not just trying to be cheeky with this slogan, after all.

If it can get people talking...and heck, even get Mr. Clooney himself even slightly considering the thought, then our mission is accomplished. So for the time being our focus is on getting as many people to find out about our line as possible!

It's quite fitting that Elaine, our hometown gossip girl, broke our Clooney Collection first to the masses. She's gotten quite a following and is always in the know about the low-down in Hollywood.

Elaine has always been very supportive of other people just trying to make it in their chosen area - one of the things we find so great about her.

We were really pleased at how eager she was to wear the first tee and support us in our venture. Media support and coverage is the most important thing to put effort into when starting a new else does a company with a small to nil advertising budget get the word out about their goodies?

A big thanks to Lainey for her support!

Miss Tamara


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