Monday, March 27, 2006

About Us

If you've come to this wee little blog via, you might have seen a little "ABOUT" link. Just so we don't chase you away before you wanted to leave and in case you found the blog before you went shopping, we'll reproduce that info here...just promise to go shopping afterwards. We're not going to get Clooney to run for President by ourselves, people!

Angela Gwinner

I am a photographer & designer currently living in Europe. (George, I'm not too far away from Lake Como....I'm just saying...)

Originally from Canada, I eventually found my way here while travelling the world. I am now working on the master plan - to be able to call both here and there, home. As a true Sagittarius through-and-through, the jet set life suits me just fine.

I have a pup called Lenny (yes, after Lenny Kravitz of course...) and at times, I simply call him Lenny Bo Benny.

Between running my business as an accessory designer (this is where Lenny Kravitz comes in again, as he's been seen wearing some of those designs as well) and hoping to eventually get my portfolio in photography in place to follow my dream of having my photographs on book covers of lovely novels, I exhibit my photography as well. I need an agent to represent me and my photography, yes I do!

And in a sense, maybe that's what this project is all about. Sending the message out that something's got to give, and at the same time showing respect, but also keeping the playful soul within us.

I believe that we should all live boldly and confidently... very much to my favourite quote by Emile Zola... "If you asked me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud."

Tamara Nowakowsky

I am a journalist/entrepreneur currently living in Vancouver, BC.

My former debate team coach called me "a true child of the universe" and I've spent my time since then trying to live up to the title.

What that means is that I'll try pretty much anything. As a writer and television and radio reporter/host, I've had an incredible variety of adventures. I've ice climbed and ice raced, flown a glider and a United Nations AWAC jet. I've toured chocolate factories, museums and art galleries, and gotten to know some big-time celebrities. I've spent time with animals of all kinds — whales, bears, sled dogs, and race car drivers. I've done television segments on everything from the lighter side of life (handmade corsets, glow-in-the-dark-bowling) to more serious subject matter (invasion and war, fires and murders).

I've worked for U2, been a nude model, a clown at the zoo, and a 911 operator.

I've had Rheumatoid Arthritis since age 6, and know what it means to have to work hard to overcome a limitation. This is a daily exercise for me, like another full-time job. I have titanium toe joints and am slowly working on upgrading the rest of the moving parts in my body, with a double have pain relief and attain superhero status!

A la Oprah, one thing I know for sure is only boring people get bored.

So that's us.

Look around, check it out. Go and see the Clooney Collection and other goodies on our web site.

And when you go, just remember...come and visit again soon!


Blogger susan said...

oh you two are just too too glam for words.
nice post! and as always, great photos!
xo best of luck,susan

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