Tuesday, September 26, 2006

George Clooney 2008

People.com is reporting that George Clooney isn't considering a run for the presidency in 2008, and that he said if people are wearing t-shirts supporting him for President, "...they're probably kidding."

George - we're not! Of course we're fans of your work both on the small and big screen as well as in the political and social arena, but we're not doing this as a silly stunt. We'd really love it if you'd reconsider and we think you'd have a great shot.

We also feel that the U.S. (and as a result the world), would be a much safer place with a much better George at the helm.

And we're not going to stop saying so!

P.S. Hello to everyone visiting us from Clooney Studio! Thanks to the Studio for sending you over, and thanks to YOU for stopping by! Want another slogan on your tee? Let us know!

Monday, July 10, 2006

A big shout out to Greece!

We have our first order from Greece! I would say something friendly in Greek to welcome you and thank you for your support, but the only Greek thing I speak is the language of food.

So, I guess...
Spanakopita! Dolmathes. Kalamari. And the crowd pleaser - Saganaki.

And I mean that.

Hee hee. Welcome, Greece - and thank you for loving the idea of the Cloonster for President!

Miss Tamara

Monday, July 03, 2006

Deep thoughts once again...

My thoughts always seem to run deepest when fuelled by wine...(I was trying to make an analogy in my head about a river of wine but it just didn't really work out...)

I have seen An Inconvenient Truth this evening, and at 1:29am I should be in bed but my mind is absolutely reeling. I don't even know where to begin, so I will probably just ramble for a while.
Gore used the term "moral imperative" in his presentation that was then turned into a film. He used it in relation to the climate change crisis that people can no longer deny is taking place. It's easy to try to sweep it under the rug or hide it in the back of the closet and pretend it isn't there like so many other problems people don't deal with in our day-to-day lives all the way through to administrations (not) dealing with issues on a global level.

It's easy to think that a quick trip to the market in the car won't make any difference, or that an appetite for new electronics won't make a dent in the health of the planet.

A moral imperative is an ethical responsibility and to that end it is my hope that more people will decide that not only is action (on environmental and other issues) in their power, but that they will do it not because it is popular to do so or because their friends are doing it, but for the very reason that it is the right thing to do.

I love the saying that a true measure of a man (or person) is what he would do if he knew no-one was watching, and it has never been more meaningful to me than now, when I am contemplating these matters.

So many people visit our web site every day, from such far-off and unknown (to me) places as Riga, Latvia and Maribor, Slovenia. How I would love to find a 34-year-old woman there and talk to her about the issues that keep her awake at night.

It's nearing 2am and I am hoping I am not the only one in the world, restless and wondering...what can I do? How can I make a difference? How can I help?

I suppose that's partly why we decided to start this little t-shirt line. Seems like a stretch, I know. But Angela and I are women of action...and when we come up with an idea, nothing can stop us from running with it. So that's one reason, the purely entrepreneurial one.

The other, the politically-motivated one, was a very valid and real one.

Sometimes we foolishly wish for things like fame and fortune without truly understanding the consequences such visibility could have in our lives and those of our loved ones. It must be a miserable existence to be able to afford to do and have everything you have ever wanted in life, but to live under a microscope, with everything you eat, drink, wear, drive, DO...examined and picked apart thoroughly.

Thank goodness for those who realize the power of the attention that their lives command, and the strength and intelligence to use it for the greater good. The sacrifices they make, though on the surface looking so confident in their popularity, riches and sophistication, are immense.

Do we want Clooney to run for President? Is there any chance he would do such a thing? We don't know. We wanted to make him think about it, and his fans think about it, and the world think about it, and talk about it.

The world would be a lot safer and cleaner a place if you-know-who (the other George) had not been falsely ushered into office and though the idea of Clooney running for President is a long-shot, we must at the very least let people who recognize the moral imperative and act upon it, know that we see what they are doing, that we appreciate it greatly, and that they do indeed speak for those of us with a smaller voice.

Miss (all wined up and no place to go) Tamara

Sunday, June 18, 2006

What's new with the misses

Summer is here, and Miss Angela and Miss Tamara are busy in their various activities! We don't mean to ignore you, Clooney fans...

What's new with us, well let's see. I might let Angela update you on her life over in Germany but these days it is full, as always, with angels and flowers, wine and work. Lots of work.

And for Tamara...that's me...LOTS is happening. For the past two weeks I have been working on a contract with a new television series in production! I am very challenged by this work, and it has re-awakened the love of production I had sort of forgotten about.

The fog that had fully wrapped itself around me, that represented my confusion about my career, questions about which way I was supposed to be going and what I was supposed to be doing, is starting to lift.

In terms of the Clooney Collection, we're the little train that is chugging along. We have NOT stopped in our push to get Mr. Clooney elected next time round but oh yeah, there's that whole thing of getting him to run! Riiiiight.

Well, maybe if he sees enough tees asking him to, he'll consider it? Our friends over at Taff, a German morning show, are helping us get the word out here.

Our sales are steady and are still from all over the place...many are from Europe - good work, people!

Hope the season is treating all of you well and that you're happy and healthy. Keep up the fight, people. And Clooney for President!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Showing it.. Like it is!

Alright people, you keep surprising us. Again and again and again!

Just to give you a summary of the past weeks, and some amazing media attention...

We're really surprised with the response of the "countries"

The Countries...

1st Place... USA

2nd Place... Germany

3rd Place... Italy

4th Place... Canada

5th Place... Switzerland

6th Place... England

7th Place... Norway

8th Place... New Zealand

9th Place... Holland

10th Place... Austria

11th Place and thereafter... France, Denmark, Spain, Japan, Sweden [of course, in no particular order! So here's our call out to you to put up your country on our "mission"!

The Shirts...

1st Place...

2nd Place...

3rd Place...

4th Place...

5th Place...

And other little interesting facts...

Canada and America's favourite "quote" is "By George!, Clooney for President"

Europe's strongest "quote" is "GEORGE CLOONEY FOR PRESIDENT!"

And Germany itself takes first place for "Keep the George, Lose the Bush!"

The most men's styles shirts have also gone to Germany.


Hope it's a fabulous start to a fabulous new year for you!

We're a day late in sending our Birthday Wishes...

Tamara is away on a media tour and wine tasting weekend,

Angela was away photographing a wedding yesterday...

But we just wanted to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. CLOONEY!!!

[Hey, didn't a once most beautiful and voluptious woman named Marilyn sing the most amazing version of that song to a man they once called Mr. President?]


Miss Angela & Miss Tamara!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Top Five...

Number Five... [and it's a tie!]

Number Four... [and it's a tie again!]

Number Three... [it's okay. really!]

Number Two... [yup, tie break again!]

Number One... [the winner is!]

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Oh, you people are really always good for a surprise.

And that we like!

Towards the end of the week, we'll have to give you yet another update with the Top 5 list. However, it's almost hard to say which shirts are the clear favourites, as we have serious tie breakers happening for fourth and fifth place.

And suddenly, Germany seems to be ordering the men's shirts with a craze!

Yes, leaves us absolutely smitten!

But it's so unbelieveable seeing the shirts and styles that find their way to the USA and Canada, and the shirts and styles that find their way to Europe.

The North American favourites are by far the By George! Clooney for President shirts and with print in pink. The European favourites are by far the George Clooney for President shirts, and with gold or silver glitter!

We were starting to wonder however, because for a while, it seemed like the only shirts [and undies] going to Europe were the Keep the George, Lose the Bush! styles. Those are still going strong, however the global statement seems to be getting stronger as well.

Tamara and myself have come to the conclusion... A shirt can speak a thousand languages!

There definitely seems to be a message taking place. And most loudly, that message translates to saying, times have got to change!


Miss Angela